Past Events

14th TechForum

How To Become A Successful Woman Entrepreneur

Loulou Khazen


Ambareen Musa

Souq Al Mal

May Habib


13th TechForum

13th TechForum - Technology in Automotive & Mobility

Eng. Ali Omari

Projects Manager, SAAED for Traffic Systems
Abu Dhabi Police

Topic: Intelligent Traffic Solutions
The latest traffic solutions like EVG-Emirates Vehicle gateway, iRadar and iPatrol.

Marcel Kruetzfeldt

Product & Price Manager
Audi Middle East

Topic: Audi Technology
Find out more about the Lighting Technology, Driver Assistance Systems and Digitalization that Audi is currently working on

Govind Rao


Topic: Business Mifi: Automotive Mi-Fi for Transportation Vertical
Etisalat’s first step towards automotive focused service, enabling business customers to offer a connected drive experience to their clientele.

12th TechForum

TechForum - Augmented Reality

Dany El Eid

Founder & Managing Director

Topic: The Rise of Augmented Reality in the MENA region.
As an innovative field, Augmented Reality (AR) still has much room for growth, and more so in the MENA region, where there needs to be more focus on standardization processes. With the retail industry expected to cross the $270 billion mark in the GCC by 2016, more and more brands are turning to technology to increase consumer dwell time and get more of their attention.

Thierry Louesse

Managing Director
Fractal Systems FZCO

Topic: The Double View
Definition of the Augmented Reality; Public Application; Live demonstration.

Rami Osman


Topic: Augmented Reality, Beyond the Hype
How is Augmented Reality going to evolve? What are the main applications and where are the opportunities in the region? How do we position ourselves for it? This talk will focus on the trends and markets that are to see an increase use of Augmented Reality beyond the current markets and the technology to best address them.

11th TechForum

TechForum - September 2013

TechForum Dubai Silicon Oasis

Jaytirtha Diddigi

Head of Information Technology
ISIT Store & Secure

Topic: Redefining Vulnerability Management.
Vulnerability management is an important aspect towards projecting IT assets. Unfortunately, the definition and understanding of vulnerability assessment/management has been always limited to individual assets. Ex: A Critical Server, Host, Network/Security device, application, OS etc. this approach does not take into consideration the impact of sharing a network that has critical asset with less important asset that may be vulnerable as there is no relational assessment done between these two assets.

 TechForum Dubai Silicon Oasis

 Vibin Shaju

Regional Sales Manager

Topic: Security Connected Framework to Optimize your Business.
How to reduce infrastructure risks, greater security visibility & protect your assets, network, endpoint in real time.

10th TechForum

TechForum - June 2013

Raed Hafez

Managing Partner
Nuummite Ventures

Topic: Jumping Into The Startup Waters.
Leaving the corporate world and braving the choppy waters of entrepreneurship is not the easiest decision to make. In this presentation, Raed Hafez will share his experience and will highlight the pitfalls to watch out for.


Saeid M. Hejazi

Co-Founder & CEO

Topic: Wally - From Idea To Scaling Growth.
How an idea born in a prototyping lab materialised, went to market globally and raised AED 2,000,000 to develop the right product fit.

9th TechForum

TechForum - April 2013

Enrique Pastor

Power Marketing Director-Gulf Countries
Schneider Electric

Topic: Energy Efficiency: challenges and solutions. Brief description: In today's world we are facing clear challenges with increasing demand of energy and necessity to reduce the CO2 emissions. As we cannot control the population increase, it is a must to change the way we behave towards energy consumption to be more efficient. Solutions are available and Schneider Electric is prepared to deliver them to everybody


Afsar Zaidi

Principle Consultant

Topic: Bolting the Security Hatch in Cloud Computing. The lure of cloud computing raises many questions about security threats. This presentation shows how the implementation of well-proven security measures can protect your cloud from the threats that are prevalent in today’s connected society, and explain why security concerns need not be a limiting factor when planning a cloud computing solution

8th TechForum

TechForum - 12th of March  2013

Anand Subramanian

Fusion and cloud application leader-MEA

10-90-90. An overview of how recent trends are resulting in simplification and superior user experience practices within the IT Industry including cases such as how Facebook and twitter are impacting an entire generation’s view of usability, connectivity and mobility


Karl Gartner

Chief Executive Officer

Photovoltaic and LED lighting. An overview of solar street lighting combining latest technology in photovoltaic solar panels with high efficient LED lighting and high tech leans concepts .


7th TechForum

TechForum - 12th of February  2013

Zaina Kanaan

Co-founder and Marketing Manager.

The journey with from employee to entrepreneur. How do we decide to drop a stable payback to follow a dream? What dream is worth it? How did start and how do we see it? What is the ecosystem of the digital world in the Middle East and how can we help and mentor to improve it?


Jebin George

Senior Research Analyst - Verticals, Middle East Africa and Turkey

IT spending trends among small and medium businesses in MEA. An overview of the IT spending landscape of the small and medium business in the MAE region in addition to an overview about the biggest SMB markets in the region, the trends that drives/inhabits the growth in the region, and many more.


6th TechForum

TechForum - 8th of January  2013


Chandan Mehta

Director, Enterprise Product Management, Middle East.
Fujitsu Middle East

Smartphone's: Does your company have a smart strategy? ‘ Find out why and how companies can adopt technology to unleash the power which exists in their employees pockets today.


Nasser Nauthoa

General Manager GCC countries
Intel cooperation 

The new Era of Computing get introduced to the latest innovation in technology by Intel which is enabling a new era in computing.


5th TechForum

TechForum - 11th of December  2012


Ahmad Saleh

Rouse Middle East

Discussed the IP Protection for Information Technology / Semiconductor Related Innovation.


Mr. Pim Bonenkamp

Managing Director MEA
UL Transaction Security 

Discussed the security in Mobile Payment and Trend and Technology.


4th TechForum

TechForum - 20th of November  2012

George Debono TechForum Dubai Silicon Oasis

Lovrenc Kessler

Managing Director
Simon-Kucher & Partners

Discussed how IT companies can better monetize their innovation and showed us examples on how improved pricing can bring more profit.

 Ziad-Matar TechForum Dubai Silicon Oasis

Ahmed Adel

DPE Sales & Operations Director
Microsoft Middle East & Africa 

Presented the new Nokia Lumia 710 and its features. He also showed us new ways that technologies are interconnected.



3rd TechForum

TechForum - 9th of October  2012

George Debono TechForum Dubai Silicon Oasis

George Debono

General Manager, META
Red Hat FZ- LLC

Talked about open-source software and how companies have to adapt their business in order to be responsive.
He gave an outlook on the rapid democratic way of software development in the near future.

 Ziad-Matar TechForum Dubai Silicon Oasis

Ziad Matar

Senior Director, Head of ME & Central Africa
Qualcomm International 

Discussed the penetration of smartphones and how they are expanding to the masses. He also showed how multiple devices are interconnected.



2nd TechForum

TechForum - 11th of September 2012

TechForum Dubai Silicon Oasis

Steffen Reisacher

Market Development Lead MENA

Talked about the history of data processing and current technologies that facilitate in-memory data processing. He gave an outlook on how big data and cloud computing will impact our lives in the future.

 TechForum Dubai Silicon Oasis

Mark Prosser

Mobility Business Unit Head
Acer Computer Middle East Ltd

He was giving us an outlook of the hardware gadgets that we will see in the coming years. He discussed tablets and their surfaces, extended battery life and the integration of laptops and tablets.

 TechForum Dubai Silicon Oasis

John Lincoln

V.P. Marketing- Enterprise Segment

He discussed trends in cloud computing including storage capacity, pricing and different user classes. He touched on social networks and connectivity issues within cloud computing.



1st TechForum

TechForum - 10th of July 2012

TechForum Dubai Silicon Oasis

Aben Kovoor

Area Lead, Developer & Platform Group
Microsoft Middle East

Aben was talking about the innovation at Microsoft. He discussed Microsoft strategy of going into the mobile space and gave us an outlook of how Microsoft imagines the future could be.

 TechForum Dubai Silicon Oasis

 Khalid Muasher

Business Development Manager
Bitdefender Middle East

Impressively outlined the Social Engineering & Digital Identity. He elaborated on an example where the identity of individuals could easily be found out by just knowing their email address.